I have been involved full-time in the Natural Health field since 1994, but have actively pursued a spiritually-centred life since the age of eleven. I grew up in a small rural Ontario town (Maple) with plenty of natural spaces to explore, so I always felt a deep connection to nature. (Urban sprawl has largely paved over many of those places now!)

This early connection to nature has helped me keep my senses open to the healing power of nature, and the ability to experience the Divine through ‘natural revelation’, or the experience of the sublime or mystical through nature.

Most of us lose this consciousness connection early in life, and as we age this feeling of wholeness becomes a distant memory. So for me, this began my journey and search for wholeness, not only to find this sense of well-being but also to fulfill the higher purpose to fully realise the ‘Divine within’ us all (unless of course, you’re a shape-shifting reptile, then I’m not so sure!) and to help others along this path, to the best of my ability.

Reading and applying the spiritual traditions (Christ, Buddha, Krishna Taoism, Yoga, Martial Arts, etc.) began before the age of eleven and has never stopped. In high school and beyond, I delved more deeply into meditation, yoga and the martial arts. I started using herbs to help with my athletic training and found them to be very helpful for keeping up with the stress of school and high intensity athletic training.

I completed a degree in Psychology, and with my ongoing interest in nature, spirituality, and an active lifestyle, this led me to studying Herbology and Natural Healing as a profession, having seen so many benefits in my own life. This was a passion for me, so I knew I would enjoy helping others grow in their health, healing and personal growth.

It is out of personal experience over many years that I have found results in my own life, and in the lives of hundreds of others in my clinical practice that I have helped along the way, that proves to me the only real healing lies in putting it into practice in ones own life by getting in balance with nature.

Gord Cooper, BA, CI, RH, PSM
Hons B.A. Psychology
Registered Herbalist
Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner
Certified Iridologist
Nutrition/Lifestyle Counsellor
Vibrational Essences Practitioner
Tachyon Wellness Practitioner

(for details on each modality, please see the Home Page)

To Book Appointments, please contact me at gordcooper@bellnet.ca or by phone at 1-905-895-6691.
Clinic Location: Newmarket Herbal Health Clinic, 18010 Bathurst St., Newmarket, ON (for a map please click here)

Initial Intake: Whole Life Assessment – $190
(Includes Case History, Nutritional/Lifestyle Analysis, Metabolic Typing, Iridology Analysis)
Follow-up Visits: (usually every 4 weeks) – $80/1hr

Iridology: As a stand alone assessment, with written analysis – $90
Note 1) You must come to the Newmarket Herbal Health Clinic for pictures to be taken.
Note 2) Iris analysis does not include individual health recommendations.

Tachyon Healing:
Initial Intake/Assessment and First Treatment – $90 (1.5 hrs)
Follow-up Treatments – $75 (1hr)

Plant Spirit Medicine:
Initial Intake/Interview – $160
Follow-up Treatments – $80

Phone Consultation: Out of town/international clients – $80/hr

(note: clinical rates are as of Aug/08, all rates Cdn.)